Hi, my name is San.

I'm founder, CEO, and Head of Product at ShowMe, an ed-tech startup aimed at unlocking the world's knowledge and providing quality education to all. ShowMe's intuitive design and innovative tech have helped it achieve over 2 million users and a million lessons.

At ShowMe, I'm responsible for product design (Illustrator/Photoshop) and prototyping (HTML/CSS/XCode). I hire and manage the product team, and make sure our goals are aligned with customer feedback and user data.

I'm an optimist and idealist at heart.

I'm passionate about solving big problems with technology and design, and I believe our most important innovations lie ahead.

Before I started ShowMe, I was a singer/songwriter and played in some mildly successful bands. I graduated Cum Laude from Columbia University, and have been in love with the city ever since.

I try to surf as much as possible, and play basketball if there's a decent pickup game around.